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ADA County July Market Update

Chris Budka
Jul 8 3 minutes read

If you’re thinking about selling your home, it's important to have a good understanding of what’s going on in the Ada County market.

Knowing the most important data points such as the average sales price, number of homes sold, and days on the market will better prepare you to take your home to market properly.

Our market report showcases everything you need to know about local real estate trends.

Boise's market remains strong with a moderate price point and a quick turnover, reflecting consistent demand and a balanced inventory.

Eagle's higher median list price indicates a market geared towards luxury homes. Despite longer days on market, it showcases a niche market with selective buyers.

Meridian aligns closely with Boise in terms of pricing and market activity, showing healthy demand and a balanced market.

Kuna offers more affordable options compared to Boise and Eagle, with a slightly slower turnover, making it an attractive market for buyers seeking value.

Nampa's lower median list price and reasonable market activity make it a hotspot for budget-conscious buyers and investors.

Caldwell continues to be one of the most affordable markets, maintaining steady activity and attracting first-time homebuyers and investors

Star's market leans towards higher-end properties with a longer market presence, catering to buyers looking for premium options.

Garden City, with its higher prices and quick turnover, reflects a small yet competitive market, appealing to buyers interested in unique and exclusive listings.

Middleton offers a mix of affordability and moderate market activity, balancing between suburban charm and accessibility.


Overall, the Boise metropolitan area displays a varied real estate market, with Boise and Meridian showcasing balanced demand and quick turnovers. Eagle and Garden City cater to high-end buyers, while Nampa and Caldwell provide affordable options. Each area offers unique opportunities, making it crucial for buyers to identify their priorities and preferences when navigating this dynamic market.

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